About Us


In the world of physics, common forces are interactions that tend to change the motion of objects.

Common Forces, LLC provides organizational development and training services to generate motion and facilitate change in individuals, organizations and the communities within which they are situated.

Audacious thinking about the human condition, good works and well-being is our hallmark.

We offer organizational assessment, strategic planning, change management planning and assistance, coaching, and training services for organizations working in areas such as these:  Health, Advocacy, Environment,  Housing, Human Service, Humanitarian Assistance, International and Labor/Workforce.

We specialize in evidence-based and collaborative approaches to development of programs, campaigns, services, and trainings for organizations and communities grappling with real-world problems, toward building leadership, enhancing performance, fostering understanding, filling gaps or addressing other challenges of transition.

Candice Cason, M.Ed., Ph.D

A psychologist with more than 20 years experience directing change initiatives in non-profit and public sector behavioral health organizations, Candice has researched culture- and disability-based stigma, and has worked with adults of all ages undergoing or considering work and life transitions.

Bill Fletcher, Jr., M.A.

A historian, writer, media commentator, and change management strategist, Bill has served organizations as diverse as International Labor Rights Fund, The Carter Center, AFL-CIO, Institute for Policy Studies, SEIU and TransAfrica Forum, and has held teaching positions at University of Massachusetts-Boston, Brooklyn College and Columbia University.